Home Heating Oil Delivery in Pottstown, PA & Stowe, PA

When you call for heating oil, we believe you want it delivered as soon as possible. Reed’s Fuel Oil Delivery, INC, in Stowe, Pennsylvania, provides quick and efficient home heating oil delivery service within 24 hours.

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Need Home Heating Oil today? Call us or order online and you will have it delivered within 24-48 hours. We offer same day or next day delivery! Must call office to create account & setup first delivery.

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Customer Reviews

  • Justin H.

    Thanks 2 REEDS OIL for delivering an emergency 55g of oil to my home today. Good people who go out of their way to help others.

  • Erin G.

    After being left in the cold for two months last year by Petro, I vowed to find a new oil company. I tried Atlas, but their service always left me feeling like... Read more on our testimonials page

  • Jill R.

    All I can say is WOW! I have used many other oil delivery services for my heating oil, and I can say without a doubt that Reed's really stands out! They deliver same day, and are... Read more on testimonials page.

  • Paul L.


About Our Home Oil Delivery Service in Pottstown & Stowe, PA

Being based in Stowe, PA we have kept our oil delivery area Local so we can provide our customers with the best possible customer service & fast delivery service that we can. As a family owned local business, we are able to get a heating oil delivery to you quickly in the Stowe and Pottstown area when you need heat the most. We offer both will call and automatic deliveries. We have emergency home heating oil deliveries available after hours and on holidays. We deliver #2 heating oil deliveries Monday through Fridays with emergency deliveries available for Saturday and Sunday. We also have a number of reputable service men for your heating repairs needs.

Order Home Heating Oil

Need a Home Heating Oil Delivery? Order online below and we will deliver it to your location in Pottstown, PA or Stowe, PA. We offer same day or next day oil delivery! New customers please call for first heating oil delivery.


Need Home Heating Oil today? Call us or order online and you will have it. We offer same day or next day heating oil delivery!

  • ALWAYS FRIENDLY! Professional and affordable.
  • We offer will call or automatic home heating oil delivery service.
    Absolutely No contracts.
  • We offer both Automatic and call-in home heating oil deliveries
  • Prepay offered in the summer
  • Home Heating Oil deliveries starting at 55 Gallons (Pottstown & Stowe, PA area only)
  • Need your heater repaired? We have heater repair sub contractors who can fix and maintain your heater just call our office.
  • Budget Plans available Starting in April and May
  • Liheap and Citizens Energy Programs accepted (Apply by clicking links)
Home Heating Oil Delivery

Reed’s Fuel Oil Delivery, INC has been a family-owned-and-operated business for more than 50 years. Stanley F. Kijek began the business selling coal door-to-door back in the 1940’s. He developed a strong customer base in Pottstown and converted the business to heating oil in the 1970’s. We look forward to serving your home’s heating needs. Our father, Stanley was always a dependable and friendly delivery man to all of his customers and that is one goal we plan on continue excelling at.