Heating Oil Delivery Pottstown, Pennsylvania Area

Reed’s Fuel Oil Delivery, INC, in Stowe, Pennsylvania, helps you keep your home warm all winter long with #2 heating oil and heating repair service. Backed by many decades of experience, you can always count on us.

We offer smaller heating oil deliveries to Stowe, PA or Pottstown, PA with a minimum of 55 gallons delivered quickly to your home. Our current price is for 150 gallons or more and we do offer a discount on bulk orders of 300 gallons or more.

Home Heating Oil Service

#2 Home Heating Oil

Our #2 home heating oil is the highest quality available. We offer additives such as Fuel Right and Atomic Heat to maintain the longevity of your oil tank. These additives also prevent the oil from freezing, keep lines clear, helps avoid clogs and helps to dissolve sludge. Call or stop by Reed’s Fuel Oil Delivery to inquire more about these two products.

Heating Oil System Repairs in Pottstown, Pennsylvania Area

Maintenance & Repair Services

We provide 24/7 burner service and complete installation of new tanks and heaters, as well as replacement parts. All new parts come with a manufacturer warranty. Summer is the best time to have your Oil heaters cleaned which should be done on a yearly basis to keep it running efficiently. Don’t forget to call us to schedule one of our very knowledgeable sub-contractors to come service your heating system in preparation for the following winter. Summer time is the best time to schedule this very important maintenance, we look forward to hearing from you.